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We are iRi — a footwear design brand based in New York City. Here at iRi, our vision is to create shoes to allow everyone to walk with enjoyment and confidence wherever you go, at anytime.

Our small team strives to create experiences — beyond just an array of products. Through optimism, kindness and creativity, our brand's goal is to fill your day with joy, warmth and brightness in your surroundings.

And Also...

Everything sounds nice and fun but what is the point of making cool-looking shoes at the cost of our planet? As a new team of iRi, we believe that our brand vision and goal are important to achieve but not by sacrificing the environment and quality.

Very luckily, we met with planet-conscious partners who are willing to work with us on our long-term goal for sustainability to be integrated into our brand and community! We are not 100% there yet - and we wish you will join our long but meaningful journey to make shoes for brighter tomorrow.



The brand was born in New York City and will always happily remain in the city. The lifestyle, the movement, and the community of the city helped shape the DNA and aesthetic values of iRi, as you can take a glimpse by looking at our iconic Wavy Sneaker Outsole and Dancing Heel! Like the city where diversity is celebrated, our team is comprised of people of color from different places all around the world, who are detail-oriented, open-minded and overachievers.


Huge source of inspiration of the brand also comes from our founder's grandmother, who was born in South Korea. So it made so much sense when we found our partners also based in Korea who can make our unique shoes and share the same vision as us. All materials are meticulously chosen and locally sourced from small-sized suppliers. Even if it means more cost for us, we make it our priority to work with smaller vendors to prevent over-production and keep quality high.

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