1. The best way to maintain the quality of your new leather shoes is to periodically clean your shoes with leather-specific care products. Over time, it is natural for leather to become dry and lose some of its natural finish and color.

2. Our shoes do not come fully waterproofed. If you wish to make them more water-resistant, we recommend treating them with a leather-specific waterproof spray before the first wear! Still not sure? Best to take the shoes with you when purchasing shoe care products to ask for advice.

3. But don’t worry if they do get wet! Use a dry soft cloth to spot dry the area. Too wet? Stuff your shoes with newspaper to absorb water. For any dirt, use soft toothbrush or horsehair brush to remove them. Always air dry your shoes in a nicely ventilated space and avoid direct sunlight.

Oh, recycled leather? Skip the process of using leather shoe care products and simply use wet cloth to clean the surface!


1. Because suede and nubuck leather cannot be polished, we recommend applying a waterproofing spray specifically for suede and nubuck before the first wear. If you are not sure which care product to buy, bring your new shoes when purchasing the care product to ask for advice.

2. Got something on them? Gently brush using suede rubber or brush to smooth down the fibers in the same direction. If they get wet, spot dry them using soft towel and air dry them in a ventilated space. Stuffing newspaper can help speed up the drying process.


1. Today there are many many shoe care products you can find online! Our shoes are water-resistant, so we advise treating them with a waterproof spray to make them more stain and water repellent.

2. It is always best to take your shoes to your nearest professional shoe repair store to clean your shoes if you are unsure of properly cleaning them. But prefer to get dirty with your hands? Remove dirt from the shoes by using soft cloth or brush. Then apply warm soapy mixture on clean cloth or sponge to spot clean the dirty spots. Remember to wipe down the excess mixture, and air dry them in a shade.

3. What NOT to do: putting your shoes in a washing machine is the fastest way to decolorize and damage your shoes. So please avoid!


Simply use clean cloth or brush to wipe off any dirt.
Got weird spots and marks? Use an eraser to rub off these marks if wiping them with damp cloth doesn’t work.


It’s tempting to put them in washing machine, but this can lose the insoles shape.
Best to apply refresher spray to remove odor and air dry them in a nicely ventilated space.

Slip On Sneakers

Feels a little tight around your foot? No worries. Our upper will stretch around your foot after a few wears, which will make them super comfortable. But if your toes are curling at the end, we recommend exchanging them to a half size larger.

We also recommend using a shoehorn when putting the shoes on. Not only is it easier to put them on, but also it’s the best way to maintain the shape of the sneakers!


Knit High Tops

When you first try them on, you may feel tight around the ankle. But the recycled knit fabric softens up as you wear them a couple of times. Like how you wear your socks, pull up the shoes opening as you put your foot into the shoes. We recommend wearing socks with them but it’s totally up to you!


Leather Shoes

Our leather shoes come with our signature platform sole and good quality leather for a long wear. This means it may take a while to break into them and may feel a little hard in the first few wears. We suggest wearing ankle or long socks as you make them yours. Heels slipping out too much? Why not try adding soft heel pads or wear them with our thick crew socks? If your toes hurt but length feels right, quickest solution is to visit a local cobbler to use shoe stretcher.



All our heels come in narrow width. Therefore, although they run true to size, they may feel a bit tight around your foot if you have a wider foot or a higher instep. In this case, we recommend going half a size
larger than your usual size! As for our pumps, the upper is softer and does not cover the top of your foot, so get them in your true size. If you still feel they're too loose at the back, it's a sign to exchange them for a half size smaller.




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