Upcycling 1.0 Project: HOORAI Hobo Bag

As a young footwear brand, we are constantly striving to make our designs more responsible — for both people and the planet. However, being a small brand with smaller production scale (especially with "funky designs" as our factory team calls them), we are still hitting walls everywhere 😓.

But guess what? We're flipping those challenges into opportunities. 🪄

Introducing the latest members of the iRi family: the upcycled HOORAI Hobo Bag! 🍭 In collaboration with the Korean upcycling brand, CUECLYP, we've crafted a limited edition bag project entirely from our leftover production materials & locally sourced waste by CUECLYP. These bags showcase our signature lightweight and playful designs.

So why not carry your essentials in style, adding a touch of whimsy into your look? After all, who said practical had to be boring?

Sidenote: each and every piece is unique & different, reflecting the upcycled nature of the material. ✨ That's why this project is available in limited edition quantities.



Behind The Scene

The Beginning

Ideation & Preparation

From the very first meeting with the team of CUECLYP, rough sketches of ideas, testing out our waste materials, and so on.

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Sneak Peek

The Highlights

Check out the second reveal post of our exclusive line of upcycled HOORAI Bags!

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Making Of

Our HOORAI Hobo Bag

Watch the short clip of some processes of how we made our bags.

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