Zoom HOORAI Pink Hobo Bag
Zoom iRi Pink Hoorai Hobo Bag held by a model in a park
Zoom HOORAI Pink Hobo Bag
Zoom HOORAI Pink Hobo Bag
Zoom HOORAI Pink Hobo Bag
Zoom HOORAI Pink Hobo Bag
Zoom HOORAI Pink Hobo Bag
Zoom HOORAI Pink Hobo Bag
Zoom HOORAI Pink Hobo Bag
Zoom HOORAI Bag Dimension
Zoom HOORAI Bag Dimension
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HOORAI Pink Hobo Bag

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Sizing & Fit Guide

HOORAI Pink Hobo Bag

Say hello to our exclusive line of upcycled HOORAI Hobo Bag, from our collaboration with CUECLYP! Crafted entirely from leftover materials from our production & locally sourced waste, this lightweight bag is your ideal companion for everyday adventures. Why not carry your essentials in style, adding a touch of whimsy into your look? After all, who said practical had to be boring?

Please note: Each bag features a unique pattern on the front, back, and top due to the upcycled nature of the material. Patterns may vary as they are not newly customized.

  • Dimension: 11 in (W) x 7.25 in (H) x 2.75 in (D)
  • Strap Length: (Long) 10 in, (Short) 4 in
  • Front, Back & Top: Upcycled Vinyl Banner
  • Handle & Side: Padded & Quilted Umbrella Fabric
  • Front Label: Nubuck Leather Scrap
  • Back Label: Recycled Leather Scrap + Printed Tyvek Label
  • Lining: Recycled Nylon Fabric

- Easy Zipper Opening

- Inner Pocket + Back Pocket

- Wear it as a Shoulder Bag, or Clutch

- Water Resistant

- Free US Shipping & Returns

- Handmade in Korea

What can you fit in the HOORAI bag? Your phone, keys, wallet, sunglasses, earbuds, and even those extra-small odds and ends (we’ve even managed to fit up to 11 lemons inside! 🍋).

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Notes on Upcycled Materials

The materials of your bag may exhibit some of the characteristics mentioned above (uneven stitches, clipped fabric, wrinkles, and small marks) due to the nature of upcycled material. These are NOT defects but natural aspects of an upcycled product.


This is what makes each and every piece of our HOORAI bag unique. Just like our fingerprints, each material tells the story of the life cycle it underwent before being (cleaned and) repurposed into our HOORAI Bag! Therefore, please note that there is no 'second piece' with the same graphic design.

Minimal Packaging

In our commitment to the Upcycling 1.0 Project's goal of minimizing waste while maintaining our aesthetic and playful appeal, we have made significant changes to our packaging for the bags.

Upon realizing that many of our additional packaging materials were ending up as waste (such as product tags, care manual leaflets, and paper stuffing), we made the following decisions:

- Instead of printing separate product tags, we have designed product labels and attached them to the back pocket of each bag.

- Our bags will now be placed inside our branded dust bags, eliminating the need for additional large boxes.

You may ask, then shouldn't the bag be priced lower with less packaging materials? We hear you! Firstly, upcycled materials actually cost more than virgin materials (still). Then after covering production costs & team expenses, any extra savings were spent covering the costs of sending leftover materials (as we were unable to utilize 100% of all materials 😢) to recycling centers and local art institutions.

Materials & Sustainability

Behind The Scene

Ideation & Preparation

From the very first meeting with the team of CUECLYP, rough sketches of ideas, testing out our waste materials, and so on.


Making Of

Watch the short clip of some processes of how we made our bags.


Care Guide

- If the bag become dirty from dirt, use a dry soft cloth/brush to remove them. Then apply a warm soapy water on a clean cloth or sponge to clean the dirty spots. Wipe down excess mixture then air dry the shoes.

- Want easy and quick to-go method? Simply wipe down the bag with wet wipes or damp cloth.

- We recommend NOT putting the bags in washing machine, as that may deteriorate the shape of the bag.


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Any other questions? Feel free to email us at heythere@irinyc.com :)


Upcycling the Materials


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