Ready For Hot Summer?

It all began with a quest to find a brandworthy scent. Scents are matterless but leave lasting imprints on passerby; iRi also strives for the designs and brand to resonate differently to each and everyone.

Discover all the kaleidoscopic aspects we have to offer through Summer Zest as we dive into this season with a distinct yet light fragrance of summer.

WES II Low Top Sneaker (MT2)


REA Open Toe Mule (MY3)


DAANY Leather Loafer (BK6)


WES I Low Top Sneaker (BK2)


REILA Platform Heel (WH0)


REILA Platform Heel (YE3)


REA Open Toe Mule (WH0)


REA Black & White Mule


DAANY Leather Loafer (SI6)



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